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Kuroshio Current Power Generation

        Vice President Yang-Yi Chen of NSYSU and Chairman Jun-Yan Bai of Wan Chi Steel Industrial Co., Ltd with their research group implementing the Industry-university cooperative research project-Efficiency verification for the ocean current power system in 2012; the team developed the third generation low-speed 50kW ocean current power generation.

        Tested on March 3, 2015 in the South-east Sea of Pingtung Liuqiu: Under the conditions of 1.43m/s current speed, the third generation low-speed 50kW ocean current power generation unit’s average electric power is reaching 32.57kW.Established Taiwan’s first deep ocean mooring system in southwest Eluanbi, Pingtung County on July 23, 2016.On July 25, 2016, the team conducted a four-day non-stop Generation Test in the Kuroshio Mainstream, and obtained an average electric power for 26.31kW at 1.27m / sec flow rate of ocean currents.

1 The two main problems must be overcome for developing the ocean current energy in the future:

  • The whole instruments including turbine must submerge underwater to enough depth during typhoon period to avoid the strong surface wave impact.
  • The whole facilities, especially the turbine, must resist to be cohered by the marine biological matter (seaweed) to reduce the power generation efficiency and increase the weight loading.


第二代50KW發電機組開發圖  第二代性能曲線