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1 Our center is committed to the development of marine science and technology, improving the research level of marine science and technology in the school, influencing the planning and evaluation criteria of related fields. And subtly influencing the atmosphere of marine science research in Sun Yat-sen University. Become an important feature of the school's academic field, thereby enhancing the academic status of the school in the field of marine science. Our center has excellent research technology and research team, which can perfectly implement the plans assigned by each unit. In addition to publicizing the reputation of the school, it can also promote the school's ability to compete for research resources.


1 Taiwan is surrounded by sea and has many outlying islands. The demand for related technologies in the marine field is increasing. In response to government policies and private needs, our center provides basic information, measurement data and application technologies for marine construction, so that decision-making units (such as the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Communications and local governments, etc.) have sufficient basis to implement appropriate policies and technology development infrastructure. When private companies expand ocean-related businesses, they can also save resources and avoid wastage of funds. Therefore, through the implementation of the research project, our center has a non-negligible impact on the benefit acquisition in the domestic sea area.


1 Our center has established a cooperative relationship with the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory of National Cheng Kung University (THI) to integrate research resources and carry out related investigation and research projects. THI is a legal person research unit for domestic water conservancy investigation and experimental research, and its research equipment is among the top in the world in related fields. The quality and quantity of research results are also ranked first in Taiwan. Today, our center has established a cooperative relationship with it because our center can make up for the gaps in the research of water engineering institutes. This is due to the research value of our center, and it can also prove the academic value of our center.